1 Week Sprint

AI-Powered International Go-To-Market Strategy for Youston


In addition to their core business, archiving documents for companies, Youston has developed a software. The latter currently under the name iGuana. With its software for digitizing archives, Youston now wants to expand internationally. But the question is where to go? That remained a big question mark, since the market for records management is very broad and covers several sectors.

For that reason, they turned to Brandsome AI with research question: How might we strategically position our brands for new markets so we can grow internationally?

The Approach

Based on this need, we initiated the research by mapping out the market:

  • What are the international players involved in their industry?
  • Which countries within the European Union have interesting characteristics for Youston?
  • Which sectors within those countries have the most potential need for archive digitization?
  • What laws and regulations must be complied with for archiving and digitizing documents?

Based on that research, we determined which country and sector would be most interesting to approach. This is, of course, one element of internationalization. Next, we proceeded to determine the possible messaging and USPs of Youston to approach companies in the respective country and sector.

We iterated these USPs in a simulated market with different target audiences. Compare it to a digital twin of a market. 

Based on this extensive research, which included more than hundreds of pages of data, we determined which country, region, sector and function to approach first.

However, we didn't stop there. Afterwards, we rolled out a hands-on go-to-market plan to approach the relevant persona and position Youston in new markets, along with a detailed overview of the costs needed to effectuate internationalization.

The Result

In just one week, we created the internationalization plan for Youston. The strategic plan includes extensive market research, validation of messaging with Youston's target audience, and a clear and concise plan describing step by step how Youston should achieve its internationalization, including an MVP roadmap, initial experiments, how to reach early adopters, and a full analysis of costs.

What made this project particularly rewarding for us was the opportunity to compare our work with that of a Swiss research firm tasked with the same project. Our one-week effort exceeded the Swiss firm's four-month study.

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