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Tribeloo's Growth Story: accelerating a SaaS Scale-up


Tribeloo was experiencing international interest in their tool and wanted to increase their market share internationally. Their question was 'how might we create a B2B go-to-market strategy internationally that is aligned with local markets, and prioritize which markets to approach firs'.

The Approach

Our approach for Tribeloo combines data-driven insights and dynamic content marketing to address their challenges and drive B2B growth:

  • Data Analysis and Market Selection: By analyzing cross-market interest and validating intent, we identified key regions and markets with the highest growth potential for Tribeloo.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: We developed a comprehensive content strategy, focusing on generating demand and creating hyper-personalized content based on identified content pillars. This strategy is designed to resonate with Tribeloo's target audience and establish their thought leadership. Regular SEO reviews and a robust online presence across social media platforms ensured ongoing effectiveness.
  • Continuous Optimization: We also utilize targeted ads and custom landing pages for demand capturing. All combined within a Google Data Studio dashboard sharing insights. This dashboard allowed us to quickly follow up on actions after A/B testing and make constant optimizations.
  • Integrated Collaboration: Acting as an integrated unit within Tribeloo, our approach ensures agile and effective marketing efforts, reminiscent of our successful collaboration in the Jefferson Wells case.

This streamlined approach is not just about tackling current challenges but also about laying a foundation for sustained growth and market leadership for Tribeloo.

The Result

Our marketing strategy for Tribeloo was designed as a full-funnel approach, where each component played a critical role in the overall success. Removing any single layer would compromise the effectiveness of the entire strategy, emphasizing the importance of a holistic marketing approach. Thanks to our constant A/B testing, we reached a milestone by multiplying the of monthly inbound leads by 31.  

In conclusion, the case of Tribeloo demonstrates the importance of strategic marketing activities for a SaaS scale-up. The company strengthened its growth by identifying key pain points, creating a customized plan, implementing a holistic marketing strategy, and securing a brighter future.

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