The Beacon
2 Weeks

How we helped The Beacon Antwerp acquiring new community members.


While providing more targeted brand awareness, The Beacon wanted us to identify potential new members for them and automate the process of data collection of these prospects. Furthermore, The Beacon also wanted to automate the first touchpoints with these organisations, while keeping their approach personal.

The Approach

Our approach consisted of multiple phases:

  1. First, we automated the data collection of potential leads and clients in a GDPR-proof manner. We’ve also automated the first stages of contact (first mails, specific follow-up mails in certain scenarios)
  2. In collaboration with specialised copywriter, a lot of content was created for the first awareness stages in the customer journey (mailings for example). The goal was to maximise the conversion rate and to make potential clients book an intake interview.
  3. By applying the ‘kill and scale’ method, we were able to optimise later stages in the challenge with insights that were provided in earlier phases.
  4. A clear and detailed analysis was given to provide The Beacon with insights that allowed them to understand and improve their customers’ journey. These insights are also relevant for future actions. With mailings, for example, clear guidelines about call-to-actions, touchpoints and time of mailing were given.

The Result

The Beacon benefitted multiple results from this campaign:

  1. A lot of repetitive work (cold calling being the largest factor) in the acquisition stage has been automated. This system delivers hot leads to the sales team of The Beacon and provides more time for the team to interact with them.
  2. Furthermore, during the campaign, 2 out of the 9 qualified leads instantly bought a subscription.
  3. A detailed dashboard was made, providing a clear overview of the results of the automated processes and insights for future campaigns.

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