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The Creation of Studio By Stylin'Art with the help of AI.


Stylin'Art faced a significant hurdle in its sales process—engaging architects effectively. Architects are pivotal in the material selection process for interior projects, yet Stylin'Art's approach to reaching them was limited and unscalable, relying on a singular representative. Recognizing the need for an innovative, scalable solution, Stylin'Art turned to the Brandsome AI business line for a tailored strategy.

The Approach

To address this challenge, the strategy was built around a central research question: "How might we reach architects in a scalable way and facilitate the purchase process for their clients?" The multifaceted approach included:

  • Deep Dive Analysis: Conducting thorough brainstorming sessions, competitive and audience analyses to immerse fully in the architects' perspective.
  • Sub-Brand Development: Launching Studio by Stylin'Art, a sub-brand crafted specifically for architects. This initiative was designed to speak directly to the unique needs and preferences of architects.
  • Simplifying Sample Ordering: Recognizing that architects value ease in obtaining material samples for their projects, a digital shop was integrated into Studio by Stylin'Art's offerings. This platform allows architects to conveniently order free samples, streamlining their selection process.
  • Leveraging Brandsome AI: Employing artificial intelligence to generate personas and simulate the most effective market approach strategies. This use of technology aimed to provide a scalable, cost-efficient method for offering quick realizations and inspirations to architects.

The Result

The strategic initiatives led to several significant outcomes for Stylin'Art, particularly through the successful introduction of Studio by Stylin'Art. The achievements included:

  • New Branding and Messaging: Developing new branding, messaging, and a dedicated website for Studio by Stylin'Art, clearly establishing it as a valuable resource for architects.
  • Enhanced Sample Ordering Process: The implementation of an easy-to-use shop for ordering free samples directly addressed architects' needs, making it simpler for them to evaluate and select Stylin'Art's materials for their projects.
  • Strategic Channel Focus: Identifying the most effective channels for engagement and creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to attract new visitors consistently.
  • AI-Powered Marketing: Applying AI in marketing efforts to accurately replicate Stylin'Art's colors and swiftly create kitchen models, cabinets, mood boards, and more. This innovative approach has drastically improved the brand's capability to equip architects with essential tools and resources efficiently.

Stylin'Art's collaboration with Brandsome AI has successfully overcome the initial challenge, creating a scalable and innovative solution for engaging architects. The establishment of Stylin'Art Studio and the integration of a simplified sample ordering process have significantly enhanced the brand's appeal to architects. With these advancements, Stylin'Art is now better positioned as a forward-thinking leader in the interior design and manufacturing industry, ready to support architects and their clients with cutting-edge solutions and materials.

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