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Go-to-market for Jefferson Wells Belgium within a multinational structure


Establishing a new brand within a global powerhouse like ManpowerGroup comes with its set of challenges. In our journey with Jefferson Wells, we faced the complex task of creating a compelling go-to-market strategy and a robust customer acquisition framework. The intricacy of targeting and attracting the right profiles in Engineering & Life Sciences added another layer of complexity. Our goal was to not only introduce Jefferson Wells as a new brand but also to build an audience that recognizes and trusts their deep expertise in these fields. Structuring an effective marketing engine was key to overcoming these challenges..

The Approach

Our growth hacking team adopted a demand generation-centric approach:

  • Industry Immersion & Strategy Workshops: We dove deep into the Engineering and Life Sciences sectors and collaborated closely with Jefferson Wells' business representatives through workshops. This alignment was crucial for a strategy that resonated with their global vision.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy & A/B Testing: Our research culminated in a nuanced go-to-market strategy, which we rigorously A/B tested to fine-tune our approach for maximum effectiveness.
  • Content Creation & Advertising: Armed with validated strategies, we crafted targeted content and advertisements, focusing on engaging the right profiles in the Engineering and Life Sciences domains.
  • Foundation Building: We brainstormed growth strategies, set up frameworks for events like job fairs, and established marketing funnels on the website for lead nurturing.
  • Action Testing & Growth Loops: We continuously tested and analyzed our initiatives, introducing growth loops to leverage existing candidates and consultants in attracting new ones. Our team worked in tandem with ManpowerGroup's marketing division, ensuring Jefferson Wells' ascendancy in its field.

The Result

Our comprehensive demand generation approach catapulted Jefferson Wells to the forefront of Belgium's Engineering and Life Sciences recruitment market and elevated their performance on an international level within the Jefferson Wells network. Collaborating closely with ManpowerGroup's and Jefferson Wells' teams, we achieved remarkable growth:

  • LinkedIn Growth: In under 3 years, Jefferson Wells' LinkedIn following in Belgium soared to 15,000.
  • Effective Acquisition Channels: We identified the most fruitful job boards, optimizing time and investment.
  • Optimized Advertising: Our ads were continuously refined for cost efficiency and resulted in an effective hiring channel.
  • Webinar Success: Our B2B webinars averaged 220 (active) attendees, indicating strong brand engagement.
  • Continuous B2C Lead Generation: We maintained a steady inflow of B2C leads.

Currently, the Belgian Jefferson Wells is the best-marketed within all Jefferson Wells worldwide.

As we look forward to furthering Jefferson Wells' success, our commitment to testing and refining our holistic marketing approach remains unwavering. Ready to launch or scale your brand with impactful results? Reach out, and let's discuss how we can drive your demand generation forward.

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