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1 Week Sprint

AI-Powered Sprint: from paper printing to packaging


There is one big problem in today's market: everything is becoming more and more paperless. Following this shift Group Joos wanted to explore market potential together with us and innovate in their offering. Mainly in the packaging industry

As you may know, the packaging industry faces heavy regulations that look like the sword of Damocles over its head.

That's why Group Joos is heavily focused on innovating towards sustainable options, specifically paper packaging. In response to new laws and regulations, they also wanted to explore how they could better market security printing. It was a dual challenge that we were happy to tackle.

The Approach

In a research project like this, it's crucial to clearly map out the market landscape. In addition to analyzing competitors, it was also essential to identify and study alternatives to paper packaging. We approached this second aspect critically by investigating whether paper packaging is indeed a sustainable alternative.

Next, we thoroughly mapped out all the legislation related to packaging. Therefore, we delved into CSRD, EU Taxonomy, NFRD, and Digital Product Passport and explored how these regulations are relevant to Group Joos, extracting their recommendations and insights.

Based on the legal information we gathered, we began developing applications for paper packaging and then investigated which sectors to approach first for a pilot project. Conducting in-depth interviews in a simulated environment allowed us to pinpoint a clear sector and profile as the focal point.

Furthermore, we established the optimal positioning strategy for Joos's new product launches. Subsequently, we prepared advice regarding the pilot project and the approach to the respective sectors and profiles.

In summary, it boils down to the following:

1. Mapping out competitors.

2. Analyzing alternatives to plastic packaging.

3. Asking the critical question of whether paper packaging is indeed more sustainable than plastic packaging.

4. Mapping out legislation regarding packaging. We delved into CSRD, EU Taxonomy, NFRD, Digital Product Passport, and explored how these regulations are relevant to Group Joos, extracting recommendations and insights from them.

5. Conducting comprehensive target audience analysis in a simulated environment.

6. Identifying the sectors and profiles most suitable for a pilot project.

7. Establishing an optimal positioning strategy for new product launches.

The Result

We devised a pilot project clearly indicating which sector they should approach first and how. This was then translated into a comprehensive go-to-market plan with actionable steps.

The plan also included a clear overview of the resources needed to market the new business line successfully.

And what a success it was! We recently learned from Elisabeth Joos (Managing Director) that one month after our research, they secured their first pilot project in the sector we identified as the focal point.

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