Enersee raised 1,2 million. We helped them approaching the market.


Enersee's challenge can be summed up in one question: “How might we turn this complex innovation into a clear go-to-market strategy and reach a niche target audience efficiently”.

Where as Enersee has focused on increasing the energy efficiency of companies and the government, our mission was to use Enersee's available knowledge and resources efficiently. This required a deep dive into their complex subject.

To realize this, we had to effectively translate their extensive expertise through targeted marketing efforts tailored to their ICPs.

The Approach

After a rebranding and new website, we kicked off this project by initiating a go-to-market sprint. The sprint week started with a strategy workshop and ended with an in-depth research and initial content pieces about:

  • Energy efficiency
  • AI in Real Estate and Logistics
  • Proptech
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy Managers
  • Energy Management Systems

To accomplish this efficiently, our first step was to align closely with the client.

  • We immersed ourselves in the client's world with extensive research to translate the complex subject into bite-sized and understandable marketing campaigns.
  • We needed to construct an entirely new customer acquisition structure based on various sectors and profiles.

After the sprint, we converted everything into a multi-funnel content engine across all layers of the funnels. The goal here is to educate their audience to generate demand and in the and capture the demand.

Using account-based marketing, we reached the niche target audience and worked out a full LinkedIn advertising strategy supported by helpful and valuable content.

The Result

After the rapid go-to-market, we still assist Enersee every day in approaching the market, amplifying their message and capturing demand, beyond MQLs. We are eager to further assist this innovative SaaS company in realizing its mission to fight climate change with AI.

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