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Multi-Channel & Creative Hiring Validation for Conneqtr


Overcoming spatial constraints and infusing serenity iCThis time it was necessary to take a different and creative approach.This time it was necessary to take a different and creative approach. Conneqtr, specializing in digitizing construction industry paperwork, encountered a significant challenge in expanding their team. Despite the high demand for their services, they faced difficulties in attracting full-stack developers skilled in .NET and Vue. Their recruitment efforts had yielded little to no inbound interest from potential candidates, posing a critical hurdle in their platform development and overall growth.nto a bustling urban setting posed a unique challenge that demanded innovative design solutions.

The Approach

To address this challenge, we employed a multifaceted strategy:

  • Target Audience Research: We began with in-depth research into the lifestyles and interests of full-stack developers.
  • Creative Content Development: Utilizing insights on trending topics like AI vs. Developers and popular memes, we crafted various ad creatives. These included AI vs. Developer themes, meme-based content, .NET code riddles, an engaging team video, and general advertisements.
  • Multi-Channel Testing and Optimization: We launched these creatives on TikTok, Reddit, and Meta, adapting and optimizing our strategy for each platform based on the performance data gathered over the initial two weeks.

The Result

Our tailored approach yielded significant results:

  • Enhanced Candidate Inflow: Conneqtr experienced a steady stream of candidates, marking a dramatic improvement from their initial situation.
  • Increased Engagement: There was a remarkable 50% rate of invitations for discovery calls with potential candidates, indicating a high level of engagement and interest generated by our targeted campaign.

This case exemplifies how a creative, data-driven approach can effectively connect with a niche, in-demand audience, turning recruitment challenges into opportunities.

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