How to grow your SaaS company through review sites Capterra & G2
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How to grow your SaaS company through review sites Capterra & G2

Capterra and G2 are undeniably the leading third-party review platforms for SaaS companies. Consequently, it is imperative to harness the potential of these review sites and utilise them as strategic tools for elevating your SaaS company to new heights.

Capterra and G2 are undeniably the leading third-party review platforms for SaaS companies. Consequently, it is imperative to harness the potential of these review sites and utilise them as strategic tools for elevating your SaaS company to new heights.

Recognising the challenges associated with soliciting reviews and initiating meaningful discussions on external websites, I have compiled valuable insights to facilitate your effective utilisation of these platforms.

Capterra & G2: why is it a must?

Developing a well-planned strategy for leveraging Capterra and G2 is necessary, as it provides a compelling form of social proof that directly contributes to revenue growth. According to a study conducted by Hubspot, approximately 6 out of 10 people visit a website after reading positive reviews.

Connecting to growth in revenue is that review sites have very strong online visibility on Google because they rank for many keywords. If you have a lot of reviews, chances are confirmed that you are surfing along on Capterra & G2's SEO success.

Capterra commands a staggering 1.5 million monthly visitors, with a significant 80% of this traffic from organic sources. Consequently, Capterra is pivotal in the customer's buying journey, especially concerning bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) content. In this context, consumers rely on reviews to compare tools before making their final purchasing decisions. This phenomenon is commonly called "Yelpification" in B2B.

Yelpification in B2B

Reviews dominate our buyer journey, from personal choices like booking hotels and dining out to our professional decisions. This shift, known as the "Yelpification of business," highlights the growing importance of online reviews in our lives.

According to a study by Inc., 84% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends. This preference for others' opinions over traditional marketing reflects our desire for reliable information and the inclination for self-analysis.

These factors collectively drive the Yelpification trend in B2B, where reviews hold substantial influence, shape perceptions, foster trust, and guide purchasing decisions.

How to improve your customer ratings?

In the business context, it's crucial to rely on something other than customers to leave reviews on their own. Instead, proactive measures must be taken to encourage and facilitate the review process. Let's explore some practical strategies that have been successfully validated.

  1. Share a direct link via email

If you want your customers to leave a review on Capterra or G2, it's best to be direct and share the specific link to the page where they can submit their review. Providing a direct link eliminates any confusion or extra steps for your customers. The goal is to make the process as efficient and straightforward as possible without assuming customers will navigate to the review page independently. By taking this proactive approach, you ensure that customers can easily and directly access the review platform, increasing the likelihood of their participation.

  1. Place the review link on your website

Including a direct link to the review website on your site is a smart move. It benefits customers by enabling them to post reviews quickly and aids potential customers in comparison. This way, they can conveniently and promptly review your SaaS product.

  1. Retarget via customer support

Customers are more inclined to leave a review when directly contacting your company. Therefore, sending a follow-up email after customer support interactions is recommended, prompting them to share their feedback. Including a link in the email makes it convenient for customers to leave a review. This proactive approach increases the chances of receiving valuable reviews from customers recently engaged with your business.

  1. Offer incentives in return

Make it worthwhile for your customers to leave a review. This is often done with an incentive, so they get something in return. But try to keep this as a last resort because a strong brand stands out when your customers leave reviews without a return.

Respond to reviews & questions

Answering reviews or questions in discussions makes (potential) customers trust you more and boosts your online presence. If you use the right keywords in your answers, you have a better chance of being shown in Google's search results.

Getting involved in discussions also allows you to be shorter on the ball. If a question is asked and you answer it yourself as a company, you do not run the risk of a "wrong" answer to the question being given to the detriment of your company. In addition, it is also a strong way to demonstrate your expertise and shows that you care about your target audience.

Use reviews of competitors to your benefit

To gain a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments and expectations, start by thoroughly examining the reviews of your competitors across various platforms. Look for recurring praises, complaints, and common themes.

Pay attention to positive aspects highlighted by customers, such as exceptional product features, outstanding customer service, or competitive pricing. Similarly, take note of consistent negative aspects that customers express dissatisfaction with. This analysis will provide valuable insights to help you refine your strategies, exceed customer expectations, and stay ahead of the competition.

Once you have analysed competitor reviews, compare them with your business offerings. This enables you to identify areas where you can differentiate yourself by addressing customer needs or improving your competitors' shortcomings. Pay attention to consistent customer dissatisfaction or low ratings received by your competitors.

These areas present valuable opportunities to carve out your unique value proposition or "sweet spot." To delve deeper into understanding and to define your sweet spot, I invite you to explore my LinkedIn post.

By leveraging customer reviews, you can gain valuable insights, differentiate yourself from the competition, and continuously improve your business to meet evolving customer needs. Stay proactive, listen to your customers, and use these insights to drive success.

Surf along on the SEO success

The fact that Capterra and G2 together have a few million organic website visitors is not because they rank high for high-volume keywords. It's also about the value they provide and the variations in landing pages. On top of that, they also always offer quality answers to searchers' questions.

For example, 750 people search Google monthly for the keyword ‘Desk booking software’. Some brands spend up to 40 dollars per click; that’s out of this world if you think about it.

When someone searches for "Desk booking software," their intention is typically not to land directly on a sign-in page for a specific tool. Instead, they seek to explore different options, read product descriptions, compare features and costs, view ratings, and read user reviews. These factors contribute to the prospect's confidence in making an informed decision, and platforms like Capterra and G2 provide precisely that.

Underestimating the power of a review site like Capterra would be a significant mistake. Treating it as a hostile content competitor can hinder your business. Instead, you should view Capterra as an ally that can help position your product favourably for prospects already in the later stages of the buying process, thereby allowing you to gain market share.

How to make review sites a SEO ally

Creating your comparison pages is an excellent investment for your SaaS company, as it offers several benefits and boosts your SEO efforts. These pages improve your organic search visibility and drive more traffic to your website. Moreover, they help (potential) customers better understand your product from a marketplace perspective and assist them in making informed decisions.

By developing comparison pages, you can effectively showcase how your product competes against similar offerings and highlight what sets yours apart as the best fit. Capterra employs three practical approaches that you can adopt when crafting your comparison pages:

  • "Alternatives" listicles: These articles present a list of alternative products, allowing you to demonstrate why your product should be the preferred choice for someone actively seeking a solution.
  • "Versus" articles: These articles directly compare your product against specific competitors, showcasing the unique features, advantages, and value propositions that make your offering stand out.
  • "Best [industry] software" listicles compile the top software options within a specific industry, allowing you to position your product as one of the best choices.

Each search phrase serves a distinct purpose, catering to different user intents. By strategically incorporating them into your comparison pages, you can effectively engage your target audience and showcase the superiority of your product in the market.

Investing in comparison pages is like having a secret weapon to show off your product's strengths and win over potential customers. It's all about understanding what makes your audience tick!

Take the time to get inside the minds of your target audience. What are their goals? What do they care about? For example, small business owners want cost-effective solutions, while SaaS companies may value top-notch customer support and overall product effectiveness.

Once you know what matters most to your audience, you can position your product in a way that speaks directly to their needs. Stand out from the competition and make them see why your software is the perfect fit for them. It's all about grabbing their attention, showing them the value you bring, and turning them into loyal customers.

Don’t trash-talk your competitors

When comparing your competitors, keeping things fair and honest is important. Avoid tearing them down; take a down-to-earth and transparent approach. Focus on specific criteria that matter to your audience. By being transparent and unbiased, you'll gain the complete trust of your prospects.

This approach builds confidence in your prospects as they rely on your reliable and unbiased information. By showcasing your value and emphasizing your competitive advantages, you'll stand out in the market, establish trust with prospects, and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Start leveraging the power of Capterra & G2

In conclusion, leveraging the power of review sites like Capterra and G2 is crucial for the growth of your SaaS company. By strategically utilizing them, you can enhance your online visibility, build trust with prospects, and guide them towards making informed purchasing decisions.

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